Can I alter the recipe with different ingredients or portion sizes?

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Here at America’s Test Kitchen, we pride ourselves on our tireless research and rigorous testing to ensure that each recipe we bring to you comes out right, every time! During the development process we test our recipes 25-30 times in a very specific manner to ensure the best results. We do not recommend altering our recipes with ingredient swaps or portion alterations, due to changes in flavor, texture, cooking time, and other variables that might alter our final version. While we encourage all home cooks to experiment, if we haven’t tested it, we cannot speak to any variations you make on our thoroughly-tested recipes.

You can search in the search bar with the filter options, or customize your experience in your account settings to manage which recipes and content you see during your search results and home page experience. You can find information on other content we have regarding various dietary needs below. (Click the underlined section to view product pages).

Small Portions. We have a handful of cookbooks with recipes for smaller portion sizes and single servings.

Large Portions. We also have a handful of options for when you are looking to cook for larger crowds or in larger portions.

Although we cannot endorse them, you may find the following website helpful. They offer food substitutions for ingredients: